6 questions to answer for your small business to thrive.

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If you run a small business which you want to thrive, then this post shares with you 6 important questions which you need to answer for your small business to thrive.

Hi, I am Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N. Blogger, Coach, Consultant, Speaker and Trainer. In this post, I want to share about something very important about your small business. I consult a lot of business owners including;
1. People who have just started up.
2. Business owners who have started up and been running their small business or startup for a year or two.
3. Entrepreneurs who have been in business for many years, at times even decades.

6 questions to answer for your small business to thrive Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N Blogger Coach Consultant Speaker Trainer from Chennai IndiaLet’s dive into the topic about your small business.

It is a different thing to keep your business afloat or surviving and a totally different thing to make your business thriving. And for your business to thrive, you should ensure you don’t do the same mistake as done by many an entrepreneurs and business owners. And that mistake is forgetting to look into the basics, the foundation of your small business.

Unless the foundation of any business is strong, the business is going to be shaky and not strong. Your business is going to shake every time there is some turbulence caused by external factors which may include competition, environmental reasons, recession, etc.

In Business Leadership Bootcamp, we work on foundational concepts like these which aid business growth through gaining clarity and improved productivity.

Here are the 6 questions to answer for your small business to thrive.

To ensure your business is set up to thrive, you need to focus on the basics. Basics as in,
1. What are your business values?
2. What is the value of your offering?
3. What problems are you going to solve through your product, service, training or network marketing opportunity?
4. What is the ultimate value your customer is going to derive by working with you or purchasing from you?
5. How are your business operations going to be? Make them smooth, productive, effective and efficient.
6. How are your marketing, branding, positioning, promotions and sales on? And how are they going to bring in even better results and evolve in a consistent manner to ensure the same? And how much of all the efforts in these areas are going to be focused on your ideal customers?

The beginning of growth of your small business begins with your answers.

Be strong with the answers for the above questions for these are the same foundations which is going to ensure your business success and also make your endeavor thriving.

It is by following the above foundational principles, your business has a chance to thrive and succeed in today’s global, mobile, and competitive business world.

Taking it further.

Do work on similar areas of business to put your business into track for growth and profits. And yes, through my programs like the Business Leadership Bootcamp, we can work together at a much deeper level of the same.

The work process of building a thriving business includes working on various aspects like:

  1. Thoughts, Belief Systems. There are always thoughts, belief systems and ideas behind running of any business. How many of them are in the space of putting the business on the path of growth and how many are deflecting? It is understanding and working through of the same which gives a distinct advantage among your competition.
  2. Vision, Strategy, Purpose. Clarity and alignment along with room for constant improvement and clear communication to all stakeholders helps big time when it comes to the vision, strategy and purpose of a small business. Working on and setting up systems and processes around the same also helps in terms of realigning and getting back to focus of growth whenever any distraction or disruption happens.
  3. Identify and shorten the gap. There is always a gap when an idea is not a reality. Especially more so when it comes to building a thriving small business. And where innovation and improvement of all business processes and systems are an everyday affair. What is preventing the idea from being a reality? Is it about developing your skills? Is it about execution? Is there a missing know-how? Or are there multiple blocks which need to be removed which are obstructing the journey?

In case if you will like to have professional support from me, in the above and will like to know more about how I can help you achieve your dreams into your reality, then do drop in an email to drmaharaja@drmaharajasivasubramanian.com or WhatsApp to +91-9841118294.

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Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N Blogger, Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer for Small business owners Chennai India

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