Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program with Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N
at Chennai on 23rd and 24th May, 2015.

A primer workshop which will help you in understanding different aspects of entrepreneurship and help you to identify and create a viable, valuable, and profitable business.

Do you have plans to start up on your own?
Are u a freelancer who would like to take your business to the next level?
Are you a consultant who wants to have a better branding and business like set up for your work?
Are you a Small Business owner who wants to improve your business success?

Welcome to Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program

In this program you will be learning about understanding
Different aspects and different models of business models.
The importance of accelerator work in entrepreneurship.
Understanding and being able to grow from business entrepreneurship to lifestyle entrepreneurship.
The different business components.
Getting comfortable with numbers.
Scientific marketing and introduction to the technical business components.
The success rules for entrepreneurship and solopreneurship.
The new methods and innovations happening about how entrepreneurship is seen.

This workshop will be facilitated by Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N. He  is a solopreneur or a solo entrepreneur who works across different industries and is also a consultant, coach and trainer.

Hi I’m Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N. I started as a skilled worker in my field on my own. Luckily for me, I could always breakeven or get some profits. However, I was not satisfied that I could create through my work. And whenever I wanted to go to next level I was facing a lot of difficulties and obstacles. I was   literally getting frustrated because of the lack of desired progress. Over the period of time, I could go and learn from people who were having better success than me, and luckily from also people who were running big international businesses and where industry leaders. My experiences and learning from them could help me to take my business and also of my clients to the next level. And the reason was, I could take my skills and of my clients and apply the business principles which could bring about meaningful progress in the work and impact. Through this program you will be learning the same best and tested business practices which will bring reliable growth to your work when strategically planned and tactfully executed.

By attending this workshop I’ll be able to teach you from my own experience of what I learnt in my own professional career., You’ll also be learning from more than 2000 hours of research on different aspects of entrepreneurship which includes sales, marketing, branding, positioning, promotions, campaigning, customer service, idea validation etc.

Let us now understand each module a little further and what will be the benefits for you from the respective modules.

Understanding entrepreneurship.
In this module we will see the difference between being a self employed person, being an entrepreneur, being a consultant, being a knowledge worker and being a service provider.

By understanding these differences you will be able to then find which area will suit your needs in a better manner for your growth and also if you want to grow further as an entrepreneur what are the changes you need to bring about.

Understanding different types and aspects of business model.
This module will give you the information regarding various business models. We will be discussing 3 or more business models in this module and understand the benefits each model can bring to your business and how you can learn and apply that particular business model in your business.

This will give the framework which will increase the probability of your business success and help you to identify and avoid major risks and also make your business growth easier, better and faster.

Understanding the importance of accelerator work.
In this module we will be understanding about how you can gain by doing or engaging in the accelerator work for your business as an individual for yourself and also for your business and this will help you to have multiple leaps in a quick manner in your business cycle.

You will understand the different types of accelerator work usually employed and also gain better clarity on what and how frequently you must engage in your business acceleration.

Scientific marketing.
In this module we will be getting in depth understanding about marketing as compared to old age vs new age and how marketing is done in current scenario so that your marketing is fine tuned  and directed towards bringing you better clients, higher profits and peaceful business life.

You will learn the scientific framework to do your marketing in a much better manner and also we introduce you to different models which you can learn further to improve on your marketing.

Business entrepreneurship to lifestyle entrepreneurship.
Gone are the days where people wanted to focus more on developing huge businesses which focused on higher number of employees, locations, business etc. In today’s’ world there are lot more people who want to become an entrepreneur and engage in the field of entrepreneurship so that they can lead a desired lifestyle. This module will give you  the introduction for lifestyle entrepreneurship and also give you insights if you want to become a lifestyle entrepreneur and how you can fast track your result or success goal of becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur.

The fee for the workshop is Rs 10,000 per participant At the same time for this workshop you get the following bonuses:

1) A One-to-one one hour follow up session (within 15 days of the workshop with the trainer to fine tune and further your learning and improve your application post the workshop. Value Rs 3000)

2) You get access to a special social media group for next 2 months where you can further clarify your questions and also learn further regarding entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship acceleration

3) Access to online resource library with resources to help you become a better, effective entrepreneur.

For this workshop you get all the bonuses absolutely free of cost. So you pay Rs 10,000 and get the total value of all the workshops plus the bonuses.

Special early bird price if you register and complete the payment by 20th May, 2015: Rs 8,000 only.

To register for this workshop send an email to drmaharaja@drmaharajasivasubramanian.com or call +91-9841118294

If you register and confirm your participation prior to the workshop, then you will also be sent a pre-training material and questionnaire which will help you to have a better learning experience during the workshop.

Register for this workshop immediately. Send an email or call Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N.

Faculty Profile: http://drmaharajasivasubramanian.com/

To register: Contact 9841118294
email: drmaharaja@drmaharajasivasubramanian.com

It’s all about the passion,
Expansion of your inner passion with compassion.
It’s all about construction,
In reality of your dreams through self-realization.
It’s all about fulfillment,
With excitement and enlightenment.
It’s all about expansion of your consciousness,
With awareness and mindfulness.

Celebrating self-realization through spiritual entrepreneurship.